Poetry Reading “Slow Burned & Inked”

I have started experimenting with YouTube and filmmaking and I have no idea where this experiment is going, if anywhere. I don’t know much, but I do know that more people are losing interest in “curling-up with a good book”.

I’ve had a few recent conversations with people who I know to be readers and they all say they find it difficult to read these days. I don’t know if the ungodly volume of video and film content that is now available is a direct cause of this, but it must have some effect. My instincts tell me to push back against this trend, fight tooth and nail to defend the written word. But maybe there is more power in accepting the trend, using new media to help people fall in love with literature again.

The question then becomes… How do writers connect with a population that is leaving the written word behind?

I’m not sure I have the answer but this is the experiment…

Watch the video for my poem “Slow Burned & Inked” on YouTube

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