Originally Published by The Star News, February 2016

collaboration snipAbout four years ago, Jeff Nevin of the Mariachi Scholarship Foundation was tired of competing for funding and resources against other San Diego mariachi groups instead of collaborating with them. Then he helped coordinate what has become one of the top mariachi festivals in San Diego.

“It wouldn’t have been possible without the vision of Jeff Nevin who brought it all together,” said Jacqueline Reynoso with the National City Chamber of Commerce.

“I’m not the master mastermind. No,” Nevin said. “The National City Chamber of Commerce hosts the festival. I just made the initial introductions and the Mariachi Scholarship Foundation partners with chamber.”

At the time, the chamber was looking to bring a professional mariachi festival back to National City.
Serafin Peredes, an instructor at University of San Diego, was simultaneously struggling to find funding for his mariachi workshop program because donor funding had dried up during the recession.

Nevin, who knew both sides, suggested Reynoso and Peredes collaborate, leading to the National City International Mariachi Festival and Competition. Read more at TheStarNews.com