“The Hard Type” by Carl Robinette is a short story, originally published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.

HARDTYPE COVERThey say Hank Garnier is an old soul, but as a 14-year-old boy Hank doesn’t know what that means.  When a gang of bikers rumbles through Los Pinos County on wild fury, Hank Garnier will find his courage and his virtue tested for the first time.

The Hard Type is Hank Garnier’s and Carl Robnette’s debut story.  It appeared first in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine (Sept-Oct Double Issue 2014).  Find a digital copy here.

Expect to see Hank Garneir in “The Hard Rise,” the second story in the series, appearing soon in EQMM.


“Hank Garnier’s world fell silent in the awesome moment of total anticipation.  Ionized air filled the space between the man and the boy, static bridging the gap between opposing charges.  It was that silent dazzling instant of negative charge before the bright flash of violence and the thunderclap of mortal clash.”