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Nothing Doing

Sometimes the mystery is in the mind of the investigator. In “Nothing Doing,” Daisy Belle is armed with nothing but brass knuckles and a misled sense of direction as she gets to the bottom of nothing, and leaves a trail of blood and teeth in the process. Read Carl Robinette’s short story in Mystery Weekly Magazine.

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Luck & Retribution

A man is marked for assassination but his advanced-stage cancer will kill him within days. The hitman hired to take out the dying man will have to decide whether to see his job through or let nature take its course.

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Los Pinos Series

The Los Pinos Series, featured in Ellery Queen Mystery Queen, is a rural-noir story following the life and death struggles of a young man in 1960s California as the world in which he grew up changes rapidly around him.

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Baby Idiots Series

The Baby Idiots Series, featured in Out of the Gutter Online, follows a nameless narrator as he handles everyday struggles with the subtlety of a cherry bomb in a toilet. Written by Carl Robinette.

High Fever

This flash fiction story, originally published by Shotgun Honey follows a woman who just has to walk a few miles, across a well-guarded boarder. She doesn’t know where her son is. She doesn’t know if she’ll make it. She has to make it.


This flash fiction story, originally published by, Shotgun Honey, tells the story of a young woman in a crisis of self reflection who must face down an armed robber at a convenience store. Written by Carl Robinette.

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