Los Pinos Series

Grave robbers? Drug dealers? Moonshiners? When Hank Garnier returns home from war to find Los Pinos County scorched by wild fire and stumbles upon an odd “crime” in progress, he’ll go all the way to the edge to understand the bizarre scene he witnessed. When the stakes are life and death, he’ll rise to the occasion.

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High Fever

  “I never imagined a drug mule with a human face, and pus-y, infected guts.  And who loved and feared for her son.  Thank you, Carl, for introducing me to her.” —Cindy Rosmus, Yellow Mama ‘HIGH FEVER’ is a flash fiction story inspired in part by a news article about a woman detained while attempting…

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QUICKIE (aka THE QUICKIE) is a short story written by Carl Robinette and first published at ShotgunHoney.net. Background Convenience store clerks face extremely high rates of workplace homicide—second only to taxi drivers, according to the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing. Exact rates are unclear as organizations studying workplace violence have conflicting classifications of industries and occupations.…

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