Los Pinos Series

Grave robbers? Drug dealers? Moonshiners? When Hank Garnier returns home from war to find Los Pinos County scorched by wild fire and stumbles upon an odd “crime” in progress, he’ll go all the way to the edge to understand the bizarre scene he witnessed. When the stakes are life and death, he’ll rise to the occasion.

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High Fever

‘High Fever’ was originally published at Shotgun Honey by Carl Robinette     The sun hung way up in a yellow sky, glaring off the skeletal remains of metal playground equipment where the last cracked flakes of paint, once vibrant green, blue, red, now sun bleached to staunch pastels, left more bare steel than paint.…

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“Quickie” (aka The Quickie) was originally published at ShotgunHoney. by Carl Robinette In the dark of night, florescent lights turned the quickie shop into a bright beacon.  A lonely glow, isolated in the dark expanse of desert down where an old county road crossed the California state highway.  Karen stood, facing out of the big…

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