“Barred White Noise and Blue” was originally published by Entropy Magazine




A barred owl hoots     unseen             heard

Dig,     the cloak of night


An apparition     secreted on some dark bough

A noisy booger,          audacious whoop    against constant flood of freeway hum.


Doing work,    braving a solemn cry across this

diverted watershed. LA River             concrete cornucopia


And you sing your blue-hearted hootie-hoo

along those measured walls,               y’old torcher you.


Escondido,      ensconced in night-shade,                  Owl,

do you see me

All I see is my face bounced off the window, lit up by a desktop monitor    .

Eaves dropper,                        plumed peeper ,           regard me



A barred owl hoots its lonesome hoot,

disembodied cry,


a ping to the wide open anything of the universe                   anonymous,

a bottled message                    daring to cross an ocean of  street noise.


Darting tree rats     inspire silent moments from the branch

Doing work. Concrete watershed. Cornocopiastical.



amorous.         Owl,


even if you could see me, would you care at all,

dig some ghost            all glowing,     white glow silent through invisible wall,

an apparition               unheard           seen

Eking it out,                the evening,         always shorter than preferred,        eh, Owl.