Power outages in Silver Lake

Check out Carl’s article, “Power Outages Concern Area Residents,” originally published in the Los Feliz Ledger


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Silver Lake had lost electrical power 16 times by September in 2017, with recent outages lasting up to 10 hours for some over Labor Day weekend.

Social media was buzzing for answers when 9,300 Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power (LADWP) customers had no power as a string of outages plagued Silver Lake and Los Feliz September 2nd through 4th.

Many locals said power loss, and its frequency in the area, is a growing concern.

“I’ve always felt the electrical grid was very fragile here because in exceptionally hot weather or other high-load circumstances it often falters,” said Silver Lake resident of 30 years, Barry Isaacson, who said he followed updates regarding the outages on Nextdoor.com. “This [past] summer it’s been in meltdown.”

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