More recycLA Complaints

Check out Carl’s article, “More Complaints of City’s New Trash Hauling Program,” Originally Published in the Los Feliz Ledger.

(LOS FELIZ LEDGER) Los Angeles businesses, property owners and tenant organizations are voicing ongoing concerns about the escalated cost of garbage collection under a new sanitation program called recycLA, which started in July.

Proponents of recycLA say it is critical to the city’s goal to recycle more than 90% of its trash and reduce landfilling to 10%, but some commercial and multi-family garbage collection customers say the program unfairly imposes major pricing increases.

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William Joseph Miller, secretary treasurer of a tenants association in Los Feliz, said trash collection costs for the building he manages on North Kenmore Avenue went from $150 per month before recycLA to $500 per month since the program took effect.

“I didn’t have any say so about how we were going to manage this situation,” said Miller. “I got a contract that I was forced to sign and I wasn’t able to negotiate anything, but I tried. And that was basically it.”

Under recycLA, businesses and multi-family buildings are required to use a private trash-hauling contractor assigned by the city.

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