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Check out Carl’s article, “recycLA Facing Scrutiny, Fines for Poor Service” Originally Published in the Los Feliz Ledger.

Fines can now be imposed on Los Angeles trash haulers for poor customer service amid growing outcry from businesses and apartment owners about price increases and reduced service under a citywide recycling program, which began rolling out in July.

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The city has championed recycLA as a way to help it reach a “zero waste” goal and recycle 90% of solid waste by 2025.

But since the program began, it has received thousands of complaints from customers over missed collections, poor customer service and prices that have doubled and quadrupled for some.

Beginning February 1st, recycLA trash haulers can now face fines of $100 for failing to collect a missed pick up on the same business day. Fines increase daily thereafter for delayed responses.

“These [fees] could add up to quite a lot of money,” said Elena Stern, a spokesperson for Los Angeles Dept. of Public Works, which oversees the program.