Femme Fatale and Female Workplace Murders by the Numbers

In my flash fiction titled, “Quickie,” the story’s heroine refuses to become another homicide statistic when a masked gunman robs the convenience store where she works.

Female workers are more likely to be murdered in on-the-job fatalities than men. Twenty-two percent of fatal injuries suffered by females in the workplace in 2017 were the result of homicide. That number was only 8-percent for males according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Among the total violent deaths of both females and males, 37 were retail sales workers while 31 gas station employees died violent deaths.

Convenience stores were robbed 957 times from 2016 to 2017, while gas stations were robbed 1,087 times, according FBI data.

Quickie (aka The Quickie)” is a work of flash fiction by Carl Robinette originally published by ShotgunHoney.


quickie flash fiction mystery crime carl robinette
Read “Quickie” Here


Excerpt from “Quickie”:

A minute later Karen was staring at the closed office door thinking something cuckoo was happening on the sales floor. Ok sure the pot had her paranoid, she thought, but something was definitely off. Odd sounds? No, creepy quiet.

Then someone shouted something like, “…every goddam cent.” Then, “…now the safe.”

Karen parted the blinds in a window that looked out on the floor and saw a scroungey looking guy with nylons pulled down on his face. Dirty clothes, scabbed-up forearms. Fidgety with a pistol pointed at Kenny.

“Ah’Christ,” Karen spat, whishing she wasn’t stoned.

She scrambled Peter’s shotgun out of his bottom desk drawer. It was all chopped down, sawn-off and smoothed. Pistol grip polished to a shine. She broke the breach and found two shells staring owl-eyed back at her. When she turned and stood facing the door, the gun was up and locked, both hammers cocked.

Her heart jackhammered.

Read “Quickie” in-full here

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