Concerns Clash Over Possible Changes to Fletcher Drive

“Atwater Braces for Fletcher Road Diet” was originally published by the Los Feliz Ledger.


ATWATER VILLAGE—Lane reductions, tightened intersections and other changes aimed at increasing safety by slowing traffic may be coming to Fletcher Drive between Riverside Drive and San Fernando Road, raising concerns among some residents.

The stretch has been earmarked to receive safety updates in fiscal-year 2019-20 as part of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti initiative Vision Zero, which aims to end traffic deaths in the city by 2025, according to a January Report from the Los Angeles Dept. of Transportation (LADOT).

In addition to road diets, Vision Zero projects may include flashing crosswalks, speed radar signs and median islands designed specifically for pedestrian safety.

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As one of few routes going east and west over the Los Angeles River and the 5 freeway, some residents have raised concerns that reducing lanes on the proposed section of Fletcher Drive will be detrimental to the community.

“We’re not against Vision Zero, we’re not against pedestrian safety and we’re not against safety along Fletcher Drive,” said Luis Lopez, president of the Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce who owns an automotive shop on Fletcher. “We are for safety, but for this section of Fletcher Drive, lane reduction doesn’t make sense.”

“It’s obviously unsafe,” said Los Feliz cycling enthusiast and road safety activist, Sean Meredith who said he frequently rides on Fletcher Drive.

“I don’t want to see any kids getting hurt. I don’t want to see any senior citizens getting hurt,” Meredith said.

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Carl recently reported on the possibility of “safety enhancements” to Fletcher Drive in Atwater Village, Los Angeles. Outspoken road-safety advocates say major changes are required for the roadway while business community activists worry that slowing traffic down on the thoroughfare will create gridlock in the neighborhood.

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