Combating Homelessness at the Neighborhood Level

“NCs Working Locally to Stem Homeless Crisis” was originally published by the Los Feliz Ledger


Amid a growing homelessness crisis in Los Angeles, local neighborhood councils say they are doing what they can to ease the problem, as help from the city, they say, has been slow to come.

Many of the people experiencing homelessness in Los Feliz are longtime area residents who are now homeless for the first time, according to Los Feliz Neighborhood Council (LFNC) spokesperson, and with no shelter housing in the neighborhood, they might be more visible than other parts of the city.

“Homelessness is not going away any time soon,” said Cat Kim, co-chair of the LFNC’s Homelessness Committee.

According to Kim, the LFNC is upping its spending to help keep people from falling into homelessness in the first place.

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The LFNC increased funding for homelessness programs from about $700 in 2018 to about $5,700 in 2019. Their programs include outreach events, meal programs, hygiene kit drives and school supply drives to help youths who are at risk of homelessness.

Kim said those who are homeless in Los Feliz don’t want to move to Skid Row or other areas of the city where there are shelters. They stay in the area that is familiar to them, she said.

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Carl Robinette recently reported on homelessness in the Los Feliz area and what locals are doing to help. With a shortage of services for a sky rocketing homeless population, the city’s homelessness crisis is more visible than ever.

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