Short Story Reading “Luck & Retribution” by Carl Robinette

Watch me read my flash fiction story “Luck & Retribution” which was originally published by Mystery Tribune.


I’m getting better at making videos but little things like bits of hair sticking out of my head are frustrating. It’s wall-to-wall details just to make a video that is even remotely close to professional quality. Not to mention, YouTube always seems to make my videos too pink.

All good. The videos are improving, but it takes so much time away from writing which is most important. With any luck, all issues will be resolved and the process will get faster.


In this story, a man is marked for assassination but his advanced-stage cancer will kill him within days. The hitman hired to take out the dying man will have to decide whether to see his job through or let nature take its course.

Learn More about “Luck & Retribution”

Or read the story at Mystery Tribune

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