Greystone Mansion – A Beverly Hills Landmark Reopens

My latest article for The Beverly Hills Courier was published recently. Greystone Mansion is a landmark historic property in Beverly Hills. Originally built by the Doheny family, one of the city’s founding families, Greystone mansion has been seen in tons of movies and TV shows (There Will Be Blood, Gilmore Girls, The Disorderly Orderly). The city owns the property now and it serves as a park and museum.

Caretakers of the estate were busy during pandemic and completed a bunch of restoration projects. The park is slowly reopening after following government guidelines for social distancing. Read an excerpt from the the article below the photo.

greystone mansion there will be blood bowling alley
Bowling alley seen in There Will Be Blood



“After more than a year of cancellations and postponements at Greystone Mansion, the Beverly Hills landmark has hosted its first wedding since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We had been working so closely with some of the families and going through the heartbreak of planning and postponement, and planning and postponement,” Beverly Hills Community Services Director Jenny Rogers told the Courier. “When we were finally able to host that first wedding, that was the moment we kind of came into the daylight on this thing. That was such a glorious moment.”

The city’s Recreation and Parks Commission, which oversees Greystone, has been following government health guidelines, opening park spaces incrementally over the last year. But they have used the time off to restore key features of the Greystone property.

Most recently, an $800,000 renovation of the mansion’s library was completed in spring of this year.”

Read the full article

greystone mansion there will be blood
Historic twisty staircase at Greystone Mansion leads from the theatre to the bowling alley below.
Newly restored library at Greystone Mansion

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