Carl Robinette’s 2019 Year In Review

It’s time to say goodbye to 2019, but before we do, it’s always good to reflect on the path we’ve taken over the last 12 months. Check out what Carl has been up to the past year with fiction, news articles and videos, and keep an eye out for more in 2020.

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New Airbnb Restrictions

In December Carl reported on a Los Angeles City ordinance that places new restrictions on home-sharing through sites like Airbnb, including a ban on affordable housing being used as “de facto hotels.”
Read More: “City Cracks Down On Home-Sharing”

New Apartments or New Green Space?

In November Carl reported on a development proposed near the Los Angeles River. The LA River is that iconic concrete canal you see in movies like Terminator 2, but with large parts of the river inhabited by green space and wildlife, some groups want to expand and open the natural environment in and around the LA River, while developers see an emerging opportunity for high-end housing near Atwater Village.
Read More: “Luxury Apartment Proposal & L.A. River Revitalization Clash”

Combating Homelessness at the Neighborhood Level

In November Carl reported on homelessness in the Los Feliz area and what locals are doing to help. With a shortage of services for a skyrocketing homeless population, the city’s homelessness crisis is more visible than ever.
Read More: “NCs Working Locally to Stem Homeless Crisis”

Celebrating Indigenous L.A.

In  October Carl reported on an indigenous people’s celebration in Los Angeles for the Los Feliz ledger. Though much of native American history has been erased or mistreated, the article hopes to give local residents a sense of connection to the indigenous history of the land on which they live and help foster a sense of one community.
Read More: “Two October Events Spotlight Local Indigenous History”

Western Genre set in the 1960s – “The Hard Type” in EQMM

Carl wrote about his debut short story “The Hard Type,” originally published by Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, we meet Hank Garnier. A 14-year old boy in the badlands of rural California during the wild 1960s. Will Hank show us the path of righteousness when his manhood is tested violently, or will he succumb to his own viciousness?
Read More

Bridge Over the River L.A.

In October Carl reported on a new bridge built to help cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians cross the Los Angeles River in North Atwater Village. The bridge saw some controversy after costs skyrocketed, but some residents are just happy to have a bridge to improve access to Griffith Park in the area north of Los Feliz Blvd.
Read More: “New Bridge Changes Face Of Atwater”

Concerns Clash Over Possible Changes to Fletcher Drive

In August Carl reported on the possibility of “safety enhancements” to Fletcher Drive in Atwater Village, Los Angeles. Outspoken road-safety advocates say major changes are required for the roadway while business community activists worry that slowing traffic down on the thoroughfare will create gridlock in the neighborhood.
Read More: “Atwater Braces for Fletcher Road Diet”

8 Big Time Bummers – Baby Idiots Fourth Story

Carl wrote about his  story, “8 Big Time Bummers About Buying A New Phone,” mobile technology is for suckers and smartphones are dumb anyway. See what happens when he hits a few speed bumps at his local phone store. In this fourth installment of the Baby Idiots series, our hero will defend the honor of a damsel in destress, even if she’s not a damsel or in distress.
Read More

Scooter-mania Gets Curbed in LA

You’ve seen them, you might have ridden them and possibly even been endangered by them. Carl recently reported on attempts by Los Angeles City Council to bring a sense of order to the bonanza of app-rented electric scooters which have been lauded by the companies as the future of affordable transportation.
Read More: “City Aims to Wrangle ‘Wild, Wild West’ of Scooters”

The Spot – Baby Idiots Third Story

Carl wrote about his story “The Spot” in July. See what happens when the narrator of “The Spot” defends his own treasured vehicular real estate. Baby Idiots #3
Read More

LA City Budget Breaks $10 billion

In July Carl reported on the 2019-2020 Los Angeles City Budget. Get the local spin on the big city problem for Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Atwater Village, Hollywood Hills and more. “The street you commute on, the trees on your block, the safety of your neighborhood—these are bread and butter issues,” Ryu said in a recent statement. “I’m glad to see these priorities get the funding they deserve.”
Read More: “Budget Targets Homelessness, Infrastructure”

Affordable Housing Crisis = Homelessness Crisis?

In June Carl reported on the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles and the impact of a housing shortage that has left the city about 517,000 housing units short. Get the local spin on a big city problem for Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Atwater Village, Hollywood Hills and more.
Read More: “Local Homeless Shelters in the Making”

Enjoi – Baby Idiots Second Story

Carl Wrote about his short story “Enjoi” In this second installment of the Baby Idiots series, we find our nameless narrator love sick and down on his luck, until she comes into his life. But love is fleeting, especially for this narrator.
Read More

High Fever Fiction and Crazy Drug Headlines

Carl wrote about his short story “High Fever.” Read to get some background on Carl Robinette’s flash fiction “High Fever”… She doesn’t know where her son is. She doesn’t know if she’ll make it. She has to make it.
Read More

Red Car Trolley Mural “Leaves the Station” in Atwater Village

In May Carl reported on the Red Car Trolley mural that was removed in Atwater Village to make way for a pedestrian and cycling bridge.
Read More: “Atwater Loses a Mural, Gains a Bridge”

Femme Fatale and Female Workplace Murders by the Numbers

Carl wrote about his short story “Quickie”. Female workers are more likely to be murdered in on-the-job fatalities than men. Twenty-two percent of fatal injuries suffered by females in the workplace in 2017 were the result of homicide. That number was only 8-percent for males according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Read More

Baby Idiots First Story

Carl wrote about his short story “Baby Idiots”. In the first installment of the series,  our lovable lunatic narrator swings up out of a depressive state after meeting the cutie-est bartender of all times. For this narrator, romance isn’t romance until it turns violent.
Read More

LA Hate Crimes Mirror National Trend

In may Carl reported on trending hate crime as local officials in Los Angeles respond to a rise in hate crime in their city and the rest of the nation.
Read More: “Hate Crimes Rising”

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