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High Fever Fiction and Crazy Drug Headlines

High Fever Fiction and Crazy Drug Headlines. Read to get some background on Carl Robinette's flash fiction "High Fever"... She doesn’t know where her son is. She doesn’t know if she’ll make it. She has to make it.

Red Car Trolley Mural “Leaves the Station” in Atwater Village

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Carl wrote about the Red Car Trolley mural that was removed in Atwater Village to make way for a pedestrian and cycling bridge. Check out pictures of the old mural. Checkout the artist Rafael Escamilla. ATWATER VILLAGE—An iconic 30-foot by 40-foot mural on the Los Angeles River, depicting a red trolley car, was recently demolished to make way for a new pedestrian and cycling bridge, despite previous plans to keep the mural intact.

Femme Fatale and Female Workplace Murders by the Numbers

Female workers are more likely to be murdered in on-the-job fatalities than men. Twenty-two percent of fatal injuries suffered by females in the workplace in 2017 were the result of homicide. That number was only 8-percent for males according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Baby Idiots First Story

Who says you can't read for entertainment? Who says good fiction can't be stupid? The Baby Idiots series started as a simple story with a simple question in mind. How do you write a story about an irredeemable jerk you just have to love, even when that jerk is bashing someone's brains in? Okay, maybe … Continue reading Baby Idiots First Story

LA Hate Crimes Mirror National Trend

"Hate Crimes Rising" was originally published at the Los Feliz Ledger. Carl reports on trending hate crime as local officials in Los Angeles respond to a rise in hate crime in their city and the rest of the nation (with big thanks to editors who helped whip this story into shape).

Using Rainwater – Silver Lake Reservoir News

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Check out Carl's article, "City OKs $8 Million Stormwater Capture Project" Originally Published in the Los Feliz Ledger. SILVER LAKE—The Silver Lake Reservoir’s south dam will open for the first time with a public pathway February 10th, hot on the heels of Los Angeles City Council’s recent approval of $8.13 million for a stormwater capture project … Continue reading Using Rainwater – Silver Lake Reservoir News

recycLA Latest Developments

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Check out Carl's article, "recycLA Facing Scrutiny, Fines for Poor Service" Originally Published in the Los Feliz Ledger. Fines can now be imposed on Los Angeles trash haulers for poor customer service amid growing outcry from businesses and apartment owners about price increases and reduced service under a citywide recycling program, which began rolling out in … Continue reading recycLA Latest Developments

Atwater Village Homeless Encampment

Check out Carl's article, "Locals Concerned Over Riverbed Encampment," Originally Published in the Los Feliz Ledger. ATWATER VILLAGE—As Orange County officials have been removing a three-mile encampment along the Santa Ana River, where an estimated 500 to 1,000 had taken shelter, similar encampments along the Los Angeles River—though much smaller in size—now pose a health and … Continue reading Atwater Village Homeless Encampment

More recycLA Complaints

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Check out Carl's article, "More Complaints of City’s New Trash Hauling Program," Originally Published in the Los Feliz Ledger. (LOS FELIZ LEDGER) Los Angeles businesses, property owners and tenant organizations are voicing ongoing concerns about the escalated cost of garbage collection under a new sanitation program called recycLA, which started in July. Proponents of recycLA say it is … Continue reading More recycLA Complaints

Neighborhood Councils React to De Leon Comments

Check out Carl's article, "De Leon Comments Irk Local Officials," Originally Published in the Los Feliz Ledger. LOS FELIZ LEDGER - Current President pro Tempore of the California State Senate and U.S. Senate hopeful, Kevin De Leon drew local ire recently over comments he made in an NBC Los Angelesinterview that many perceived as disparaging to neighborhood … Continue reading Neighborhood Councils React to De Leon Comments