LA City Council to Act on Hollywood Tours

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Check out Carl's article, 'Ryu Restricts “Rogue' Tour Buses," Originally Published in the Los Feliz Ledger. HOLLYWOOD HILLS—Tour bus operators may soon see tighter restrictions in Los Angeles if the city passes two September motions filed by Los Angeles City Councilmember David Ryu in response to growing complaints from residents about noise pollution, traffic violations and … Continue reading LA City Council to Act on Hollywood Tours

The Apt.’s Are Coming

Check out Carl's article, "Area Apartment Construction Booming," Originally Published in the Los Feliz Ledger. SILVER LAKE—With several developments planned from Barnsdall Park to Echo Park, neighborhoods east of Hollywood will soon see a flood of new apartment construction as some area landmarks face demolition to make room for multi-family housing. The abandoned so-called “Bates Motel” … Continue reading The Apt.’s Are Coming

West Nile, Zika, mosquitoes and chickens

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Check out Carl's article, "Virus-Spreading Mosquitos Confirmed Locally," Originally Published in the Los Feliz Ledger. "West Nile Virus is on the rise across Los Angeles with 208 reported cases this year according to Los Angeles public health officials. Vector control authorities said chickens and mosquitos in Los Feliz have tested positive for the virus in recent … Continue reading West Nile, Zika, mosquitoes and chickens

Killer Comedy, Benign Robot

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Check out Carl's article, "Human and Robot Humor Get Big Laughs at AMPLYfi," Originally Published in the Larchmont Ledger MELROSE AVENUE—Greg the robot’s eyes light up on the AMPLYfi stage just east of Larchmont Boulevard and the crowd in the basement-level venue laughs before the show has even started. Greg is a homemade robot and the … Continue reading Killer Comedy, Benign Robot

recycLA Roll Out

Check out Carl's article, "recycLA Roll Out Aggravates Area Businesses," originally published in the Los Feliz Ledger. Amid outcry from some owners of businesses and multi-unit residential buildings that their trash pick up costs have doubled while service has diminished under the city’s new “recycLA” trash collection program, the Los Angeles City Council directed the … Continue reading recycLA Roll Out

Power outages in Silver Lake

Check out Carl's article, "Power Outages Concern Area Residents," originally published in the Los Feliz Ledger   Silver Lake had lost electrical power 16 times by September in 2017, with recent outages lasting up to 10 hours for some over Labor Day weekend. Social media was buzzing for answers when 9,300 Los Angeles Dept. of … Continue reading Power outages in Silver Lake

Cheap gas… maybe?

Check out the excerpt below of Carl's article "Low Gas Prices to Continue After Summer" originally published in the Los Feliz Ledger.  Gas prices nationwide will spike this week after the effects of Hurricane Harvey hit Southern Texas, where many of the nation’s oil refineries are located, August 26th and 27th. Previously, California gas prices … Continue reading Cheap gas… maybe?

Logan ruling expected after holiday

Originally published by the StarNews The battle over Barrio Logan Land use was taken to California Superior Court of San Diego Tuesday. The National City-based Environmental Health Coalition filed charges against the city to stop a referendum petition from being presented to City Council that would threaten Logan’s updated community plan. A ruling is expected … Continue reading Logan ruling expected after holiday

The path of a neighborly warrior

Originally published by Living East The smile on the blonde woman’s face as she walks through the entrance to Martial Arts Warriors Academy says it all.  The academy’s students love being there. Located across from Heritage Park in Otay Ranch, the academy is as unique as its co-owner and fearless leader Dr. Grandmaster Gary Amen. … Continue reading The path of a neighborly warrior