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  • unemployed on probation carl robinette fiction baby idiots Unemployed and on Probation Unemployed and on probation is the fifth story in the “Baby Idiot Series”. It was published by Mystery Tribune. Excerpt: Turns out, they basically wanted me to be a narc. But even my grandma knows–Don’t be a narc. And Chip started asking me about someone named Fox. Asking whether I knew if Fox was ripping […]
  • 8 big time bummers about buying a new phone baby idiots carl robinette short stories 8 Big Time Bummers About Buying a New Phone “8 Big Time Bummers About Buying a New Phone” is the fourth story in the Baby Idiots series, featuring our depth-less narrator at his best, or worst depending on your point of view. He doesn’t get what a top-10 list is supposed to be but that doesn’t stop him from trying… Eight is enough no matter what his grandma says. See number six below.
  • the spot short story by carl robinette fiction online free The Spot Carl Robinette stops by with his latest entry in his Baby Idiot series. “The Spot” was originally published at Out of the Gutter. Read the full story here. “…and if you have allergies they can coincidentally flare up and make your eyes start watering at the exact moment a young man sucker punches you in the stomach.”
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